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The Bucharest Stock Exchange was initially created as a commodities Exchange back in 1839, and on December 1st 1882 , the exchange was transformed into a stock exchange. During the communist regime the Bucharest stock exchange was closed  and reopened again in 1995.

Since then, the Exchange has seen significant growth and development through milestones. On February 2008, Erste Bank listed on the BVB and became the fist international company listed on this market, then the BVB listed itself under the symbol “BVB”. As of 2014 the “AeRo” market was launched. AeRo is an MTF which allows SME’s and start-up companies to list receive coverage.

As of September 2019 Romania was promoted to “emerging market” status by FTSE Russell , effective September 2020

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Advantages when compared to external markets

   High divident yields

   Investing in a country of high growth

Exposure to the Romanian Currency (RON)

   Good place to start for beginners