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Multiple studies have shown that over long periods of time, financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) generate investment returns that are far greater than others.

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How Does Trading work?

To trade online you first must open an account with a broker (in this case Blue Rock Financial Services), once that process is finalized you may place an order yourself through our online system or contact one of our brokers to assist you. Once the order is placed in the market and depending on the price which you have selected, the exchange will automatically try to match a buyer and a seller.

Once a buyer and seller are matched, the order is executed and settled in  a maximum two business days (buyer pays the money and receives the securities, seller delivers the securities and receives the money). 

How easy is it?

Opening an account with Blue Rock Financial Services is very easy, we require only a small number of documents and the account can be opened and fully functional the very next day.

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