Our Strategy

Our fundamental investment approach capitalizes on the overwhelming need for investors to achieve short-term and long-term results anywhere between 6 months to 5 years in the future. We seek to provide our investors with constant low risk gains.

This strategy is based on research. Our focus is on companies and instruments whose financial results and returns are in line with the investors profile. The research itself is based on a long-horizon approach and focuses on absolute rather than relative returns. This allows us to make use of the opportunities created by – or ignored by – the short-term trading liquidity needs of institutional investors and ETFs.

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If the investor wishes to accept more risk for a higher return or vice versa or has a shorter time horizon than what is generally used, our strategies can be personalized to match the investors risk profile.

We believe in a thoughtful, straightforward investment philosophy – long-term investing with an emphasis on quality and diversification. All three of these elements work together. Our philosophy is one of the ways we can help you make sense of investing.

We believe a long-term strategy is the best way to build and preserve your financial security. But remember that “buy and hold” doesn’t mean “buy and ignore.” You should review your portfolio at least once a year to make sure you’re still on track to meet your financial goals.