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is a financial services company authorized in accordance with the Romanian capital market legislation which transposes the provisions of Directive 2014/65 / EU (MiFID II), established in 1997, operating until June 5, 2014 under the name of Transylvania Capital. Since 2011, the company is 99.99% owned by the Austrian shareholder Blue Rock Capital GmbH.

Blue Rock Financial Services is authorized to perform the full range of financial services and investment activities provided by the internal and community legal framework. Each investment service provided to our clients is based on our promise to always act in the best interest of our client, which is a commitment that we make starting right at the contracting stage with a client. For us, the statement that we act “in the best interest of the client” means not only the best execution of client orders, but also a long-term partnership created from the beginning of our contractual relationship, diversity of the services offered, and through our high level of professional competence, all of which are aspects that create lasting value for each client.

Providing investment services for our clients has been the main goal of our business in which we have successfully provided since our inception.

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