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The fact that you have accessed this page means that you have decided to take the first step in opening a trading account and securing your financial future
Or on the contrary you are already investor, but you want to transfer your trading portfolio to Blue Rock Financial Services


Before opening your account we would like to get to know you a bit better as to be able to identify your needs and how our services can help you. 

The process of opening an online trading account at Blue Rock Financial Services SA is done completely online without any need to come by one of our offices, it is important to follow the instructions as best as you can so that we may better assist you further down the line.

The data inserted and documents uploaded by you will be automatically saved and processed within our system just in case you cannot finalize the process now and need to complete it later.

After the successful completion of the online account opening process, all the documentation will be processed by our compliance officer, and finally once the whole process has been finalized and your account accepted you will receive by email a confirmation as well as instructions regarding your trading account and its details.


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