The purchase or sell order is personally served at the registered premises or by phone, the call being recorded for enforceability purposes, or by electronic mail or facsimile, provided that the client’s written consent has been procured in respect of such means of communication.
Transaction settlement occurs within 2 business days from the transaction date. The settlement date is the time when the securities are exchanged for money. As concerns the transactions on foreign markets, the transaction settlement period is stipulated under the relevant rules of the respective market.
The payment of the equivalent value of the sold securities is made by bank transfer or money order, within maximum 5 business days from transaction date. Most of the time, the client wants to keep the amount of money resulting from the sale of securities for future reinvestments, in the clients’ account of the company. If the client wants to take the amount of money held in its investment account into possession, a request shall be addressed to the company in this respect.

Blue Rock Financial Services S.A. shall send the Client a confirmation of trading order execution as soon as possible but not later than the first business day following its execution, concerning the transactions carried out on the Romanian regulated market or ATS, or not later than the first business day following receipt of the transaction confirmation from the broker executing the transaction, concerning the transactions carried out on foreign capital markets. If the Client uses the services of a custodian, the Broker shall send a transaction confirmation both to the Client and to the custodian.
Furthermore, the Client receives information regarding the portfolio of financial instruments and the available funds in the account by means of a reporting form made up of an account statement and an account position (Client’s portfolio and the available funds in Client’s account).
The notice is made by any means of communication available to the parties, as per the agreement between the parties. Any notice, confirmation of transaction, transmission of account statement, securities or cash balance is deemed to have been completed at the time of its communication, either by an acknowledgment of receipt (signature) given at the premises or by the handing-in of a receipt in the case of letters with a return receipt requested, or at the moment of its transmission in case of facsimile transmissions, e-mail or when information is made available in case of trade via internet.
The Broker shall make available to the Client, upon the latter’s request and expense, all other relevant documents regarding the delivering of services, according to the contract to be concluded between the two parties.

The Client may communicate with the financial investment services agents at the company’s headquarter located in Bucharest, and at its agency from Brasov. The Client may communicate with authorized agents through distance communication means: telephon, case in which the conversation will be recorded, if it refers to providing an order or an instruction or through e-mail or facsimile, only if the customer has previously agreed to use such means of communication.
For each customer, the concrete mean of communication, from the Client and from the investment firm regarding the transmission of orders and instructions, as well as the confirmations, reports and other requests transmission will be specified in the Account Opening Form.
The communications in the relation between client and S.S.I.F. Blue Rock Financial Services S.A., including transmission and receipt of clients’ orders and instructions, can be performed, depending on client’s choice, both in Romanian and English.

Based on Article 62 of the Law no.207 / 2015 regarding the Fiscal Procedure Code, financial institutions are required to declare their annual taxation to A.N.A.F. financial information relating to accounts opened and / or closed by taxpayer residents of states with which Romania is committed to international law which propagates the fair exchange of financial information
Consider the following legal effects:
– Law no.70 / 2016 on the ratification of the competent authorities for multilateral automatic exchange of information on financial accounts, signed in Berlin on 29 October 2014 published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 328 of April 28, 2016
– The agreement between Romania and the United States to improve international tax compliance and to implement FATCA, signed in Bucharest on May 28, 2015 ratified by Law no. 233/2015 published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 808 bis of 30 October 2015
We inform you of the following:
– If you are resident taxpayer of a state with which Romania has pledged to change the financial information, you need to know the financial information of the accounts opened and / or closed in Romania. Below you may find a list of the information needed:
– name, address and TIN of the account holder and, where appropriate, of each beneficial owner (for foreign entities who the real beneficiary of a US citizen or resident);
– the total revenue generated by the assets held in the account, paid or credited during the calendar year.
This information obtained by tax authorities within A.N.A.F. is used only in order to exchange information on taxpayers and residents of the states concerned to improve international tax compliance with the provisions of Article 11 of the Tax Procedure Code on tax secrecy.
The first report should be created until the August 31, 2016 as Minister of Finance no. 1939 of 18 August 2016 published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 648 of August 24, 2016 and Law no. 207/2015 regarding the Fiscal Procedure Code.
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